Grateful for Gala – April 2023

Dear St. Mary’s Parents and all Gala Sponsors,

I would like to extend my deep gratitude to all of you for supporting the Gala this year.  Most especially all who put in extra work in volunteering to bring this great event to fruition. Be assured your work, dedication and sacrifices go beyond this world. 

A big, big, THANK YOU to our Gala committee. Please let them know your appreciation for their tireless work.  Their efforts have brought about “a huge success…” rivaling last year’s gross.

Committee members:  Catie Batcke, Katie Bigford, Amanda Currie, Kurt and Kelly Dubowski, Alison Jenerou, Melissa Kessler, and Tom and Tracie Tacia.

Know Love Serve

Mr. Sandoval

St. Mary Catholic School | Principal