The St. Mary School Board of Limited Jurisdiction is comprised of members from the Mecosta County community as well as parents of current families. They meet seven times throughout the school year to discuss current and future needs. The board is always looking for new individuals who are wanting to make a difference for our school and students. If interested in joining the school board, please contact Mr. Sandoval at

Current School Board Members

  • Tyler Schuberg (chair)
  • Ron McKean
  • Catie Batke
  • Tom Tacia
  • Adam Currie
  • Fr. Jegar
  • Al Sandoval

School Board Updates:

The St. Mary School Board is now beginning its regular process of reviewing the Strategic Development Plan. The plan is aligned to diocesan metrics – 1) Catholic Culture and Mission, 2) Programmatic Excellence, 3) Affordability and Accessibility, and 4) Stewardship and Sustainability. Over the coming months the board will assess performance against the plan’s current objectives. During this process, parts of the plan may be updated for relevancy or to reflect insight from community input. Periodic postings will keep our St. Mary School community informed as this process evolves.

St. Mary School Community Survey

Recently, a St. Mary School Community Survey was completed and a community planning discussion was scheduled. Due to COVID-19 safety considerations, it was necessary for the School Board to cancel the scheduled August 27th community planning discussion. The Board remains steadfast in its effort to include all our community in the St. Mary School planning process. We will proceed over the coming weeks by presenting a brief summary of survey responses and themes with an invitation for additional input. Your thoughtful insights will help to direct the future of our School and enable its continued success.


The School Board was pleased to collect input representing the full demographic of our community. The survey is most useful when the voices of all can be heard. Some relevant facts include:

  • Church attendance: St. Mary – 55%, St. Paul – 22%, both – 12%, and neither – 11%
  • Family status: Married with school age children – 39%, without – 33%; single without school age children- 12%, with school aged children – 6%; current students attending St. Mary – 5%, current students not attending St. Mary – 2%, College students – 3%.
  • St. Mary School Experience: My children currently attend St. Mary – 36%, I or my children attended St. Mary School in the past – 27%, Children attend or attended another school – 18%, no school aged children 19%.

Participant Response

The series of survey responses that we present reflect the importance attributed to values and features of St. Mary School. Results from this query were compiled for all respondents, those who have not or do not have children enrolled at St. Mary School, and those who had or currently have children enrolled at St. Mary.

The most important and gratifying response was the overwhelmingly desire of each of these groups that St. Mary School continues to thrive. This reflects a truly supportive community that bodes well for the future success for the School. Community respondents also overwhelmingly desired St. Mary School to maintain a solid Catholic Christian foundation. All other categories also received strong support. These include (highest to lowest overall score): providing a strong STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education, offering after school sports, providing music and art education, and offering after-school FIRST robotics. Strong support for our community to provide school staff an equitable pay also received strong support in this survey.

Academics strengths and opportunities offered by St. Mary School

We summarized inputs directed towards the academics offered by St. Mary School. The most prominent of the strengths expressed through survey comments was the school’s Catholic/Christian education and values. These attributes of St. Mary School are driven by its mission statement –

Flowing from the mission of St. Mary-St. Paul Parish, students will learn to know, love, and serve God. Students will live their Catholic faith through academic pursuits, spiritual development, and service to the community.

Respondents clearly recognized the quality of academic education. The strength of St. Mary’s education is validated by regular standardized assessment where our students score substantially higher in all categories (reading, language, science and math) over the national average. Survey respondents also appreciated the schools solid STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education reinforced at all grade levels through opportunities in First Lego League, First Lego Challenge, finally at First Tech Challenge for robotics.

The survey also sought to discover perceived opportunities for improvement. One excellent example echoed by more than one respondent was for St. Mary School to explore offering additional programming and competitions for students whose interest center in art, music, or other non-STEM areas. This suggestion and others will challenge St. Mary to continue striving to better serve all our students.

Community Survey Summary